18yo puts in 1,000 hours for the 40 Hour Famine

18-year-old good sort Natalie Jellyman is endeavouring to craft 40 works of art as part of the upcoming World Vision 40 Hour Famine. 

There's only one problem for this Hamitlon-based artist: she's such a perfectionist that each item is taking her around 30 hours, meaning that by the end of her art-filled journey she'll have spent around 1,000 hours in front of the canvas. 

"The first one I did took about 32 hours I think, and my plan was just to go a bit downhill from there and do smaller ones and not as good ones. But I set myself a standard and hard to follow after that." 

She's produced twenty-four drawings so far, and is auctioning each of her pictures on Trade Me. You can check them out here. That's a solid bit of effort, Natalie - well done!

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