120-year-old chocolate sells for $550

A box of expired chocolate from 1900 went up for sale this week and sold to one lucky member in Christchurch $550. 

Way back in 1899, Queen Victoria asked Cadbury to produce 100,000 tins as a Christmas gift to the British men fighting in the South African Boer War. 


Unsurprisingly the sweet treat is no longer edible and almost definitely should not be eaten but that didn't stop it fetching over $500!

The wartime chocolate was in pretty good condition, considering how old it is, and you can still see the manufacturers name engraved into each bar. 

This little box of choccies had over 80 watchlists before someone from Christchurch snapped up the rare item. 


It turns out this isn't the first time that these choccies have been auctioned off. Last year a box from the same batch went under the hammer in England and sold for £120. 

If you missed out on this auction but want to get your hands on something similar. One Trade Me member is selling a box from the same batch but sadly, no chocolate to see here. 


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