19 stems of unwanted rhubarb

Each year we see hundred of thousands of searches for unwanted gifts come up onsite after Christmas and this year it was some unwanted rhubarb that caught the attention of the nation. 

Reg from Darfield received 19 stems rhubarb as a secret Santa gift and figured it was better off going to another home.

Rhubarb 1

Reg said the gift was from "the discerning guilt tripping Boxing Day crash dieter."

Kiwis from around the country got involved in the Q&A and had a laugh with Reg asking if he would make strudel, muffins or if he would upload a seperate auction for the gift giving culprit.

The listing had over 36,792 views and 369 watchlists and sold for $14.50.


Stuff - Secret Santa rhubarb is the most popular unwanted gift on Trade Me