5 totally cool things you need to keep totally cool

When the heat becomes unbearable and you’re shoulder-to-shoulder with your family in front of a single fan, here’s a little #inspo to keep chilled. 

1. Pocket fans

Don’t get caught out without a fan when the heat wave really kicks in. If you want something on the go, pick up a fan that spritzes water AND performs the usual fan functions. It’s not quite pocket sized (unless you rock the cargo shorts) but at least it doesn’t need a plug. 


2. Slip ‘n’ slide into cloud nine

The only time the kids will be keen to get the dish soap out is for a slip and slide, and this one  is pretty epic! It’ll make for a cool afternoon sliding under a rainbow (of fun).


3. Ice, ice, baby.

Size up your ice, with colossal ice cubes. Bigger is better as it will dilute your drink slower so your whisky will stay stronger for longer.


4. Roll a sweet treat

You’ve seen those videos on YouTube of a market stall holder rolling up ice cream – you can now do it from home. This ice cream maker means you can make any flavour concoction you please.

Ice Cream

5. Goodbye hot sleepless nights

Chill + pillow = chillow. Yes it’s a thing. Pop some water into the Chillow and the gel will cool it down so that you have that fresh pillow feeling all night long.