A FedEx-cellent day

Every now and then, we like to give Trade Me staff the chance to work on anything they like and deliver it in 24 hours. These days are called ‘FedEx’ days – where things are built and ‘shipped’ in a day.

We have a bunch of creative, motivated people here at Trade Me, so when these days come up everyone jumps at the chance to knock a project out of the park.

This year we had 47 teams who built something cool from scratch. One team built a ‘Donate Now’ button for charity listings (where members can offer support to a good cause without needing to win the auction), while another team created a Trade Me board game. One team worked on getting macrons included on site, and another worked on making the Address Verification process quicker using mobile location services.

This is only a snapshot of what was achieved on this excellent day, and we’re stoked with the results.  Some of these you’ll already see live now, and others will be popping up soon!