A Kathmandu wedding dress

Yep, you read that correctly. Kathmandu kicked off April Fools' Day in good fashion by listing an all-weather wedding dress for sale onsite

Wedding Dress - Kathmandu

The dress was designed by New Zealander Tanya Carlson and is made from GORE-TEX fabric and lined with merino wool which means 'any location ... is the perfect wedding location'. It's even completely waterproof! 

Wedding Dress - Kathmandu2

Trade Me members got stuck into the listing asking if the dress comes with a husband and if they could wait until the next Kathmandu Club sale to get it 60% off. 

Unfortunately for these members this dress is a one-off and doesn't come with a husband.

This dress is no joke and has already had 25,000 views with bidding at $1,500. All proceeds will be donated to the Kathmandu's community partner, the New Zealand Himalayan Trust.


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