A report on the New Zealand secondhand economy

Trade Me’s roots began in the ‘secondhand economy’. Legend has it that our founder Sam Morgan couldn’t find a heater for his chilly Wellington flat online, and so began the idea of Trade Me.

Twenty years later there are 1.2 million secondhand items on Trade Me at any one time with Kiwis from around the country wheeling and dealing to extend the useful life of unwanted items.

What we’ve never talked much about publicly is what the secondhand economy is. How big is it? How many Kiwis are taking part? What do they prefer to buy and sell? And, how many things are there lurking in Kiwi garages, cupboards, under stairs and in wardrobes that could be dusted off and turned into cash?

We recently surveyed nearly 4,300 New Zealanders to dig into just what New Zealand’s secondhand economy looks like. 

Our report provides detailed insights into New Zealand’s secondhand buying and selling habits, and offers some ideas on how Trade Me can help Kiwi bargain hunters for the next 20 years and beyond.

See the full report on the New Zealand secondhand economy here. 

Remember, this week is Recycling Week and it’s a great time to list your unwanted preloved items.