A-dele of a welcome

Jessie Rose is a massive Adele fan with some serious talent. To celebrate the acclaimed artist's recent tour of NZ and to welcome her to the country Jessie decided create a massive artwork of Adele.

In a very cool video on her Facebook page Jessie showed the process of creating the huge Adele artwork complete with amazing glitter throw reveal. 

The artwork was near Auckland aiport in the hope that Adele would see it when she arrived in NZ, but now Jessie is looking for a new home for it.

She put the artwork on Trade Me with every dollar raised going to charity Kidscan and it's already racking up some huge numbers with over 7000 views, 36 bids and $900 on the painting already.

We reckon it will raise a lot of money and will undoubtedly find a keen Adele fan who will give it a good home.