Afterpay arrives on Trade Me

Afterpay has landed on Trade Me and there are over 1 million new items for Trade Me members to buy now and pay later.

We think this is awesome and you're going to love it. Check out all the listings here and there's more info in the media release below.

We announced in May that we have teamed up with Afterpay and we're stoked it's now on the site!

Over 1 million items on Trade Me to buy now and pay later

More than one million items are now available for Trade Me members to buy using Afterpay’s ‘buy now, pay later’ service.

Trade Me Marketplace’s Rick Davies said the introduction of Afterpay was a big moment for people wanting flexibility when buying on Trade Me. “Kiwi shoppers can buy now and pay later on over 1.3 million new items spread out across over 230 categories on Trade Me. There’s never been a faster, easier way to buy now and pay later when shopping online.”

Buyers who use Afterpay get their items immediately and then pay them off in four fortnightly interest-free payments. For instance, if a buyer bought a pair of pants for $100 using Afterpay, they receive them straight away but pay them off in four fortnightly interest-free payments of $25.

Mr Davies said Trade Me and Afterpay announced they’d signed an agreement in May this year. “Since then we’ve been working to get our sellers on board and integrating Afterpay into the Trade Me platform.

“Our sellers have been very keen to try Afterpay out. So far over  1,300 have signed up and we expect to see many more take on this new payment method. We also think our buyers will love the convenience and flexibility of Afterpay. It’s a great way for our members to budget.

“We think it’s going to play a huge part in Kiwis’ Christmas shopping this year – it’s a great way to spread the pocket pain of mass gift-buying.”

Mr Davies said Trade Me aimed to make buying and selling on-site as easy, safe and flexible as possible. “Buyers in Australia have embraced Afterpay, and over the ditch they have over 1 million customers and more than 7,200 sellers. Some of their sellers have reported 20 per cent jumps in the value of orders and 15 per cent sale surges thanks to Afterpay.”

Buyers who select Afterpay pay nothing extra for using the service (provided they make their payments on time), while sellers pay a percentage fee of the sale prices.

“Our focus now is on expanding the range of items with the Afterpay option,” Mr Davies said.