An unruly hat

The infamous travelling family who left a wake of destruction across the North Island have been the inspiration behind an auction for a hat. 

The family became world famous in New Zealand after a video went viral of the youngest family member swearing at the camera while wearing a Bunnings hat after they were caught leaving a mess in Takapuna. 

Days after the video emerged, a listing for a very similar hat popped up onsite.

The auction was appropriately titled, 'Travelling hat' and, according to the seller, it was found on the ground near Takapuna beach. "Although this is a very attractive and stylish hat I can not be responsible for any obscenities that may flow from your mouth ... user beware."

"Could be useful if you decide to go travelling to see our beautiful country."

Kiwis from across the country jumped onsite to check out the auction and in just seven days the hat had a whopping 192,000 views, almost 200 questions and 3,640 Watchlists.

The hat eventually sold for $1,000 and all the proceeds will be donated to Mercy Hospice


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