An update on Kevin

Last November, we went on a great kiwi road trip and introduced you to Kevin – a wee brown kiwi. We’re stoked to report that he’s growing as he should be and doesn’t have any health concerns!

He seems to favour bunking down in deep holes at the base of large trees, but he must be venturing out plenty at night to forage for food, as his weight is on the rise. Young kiwi continue to grow until they’re about four years old, so Kevin has a way to go yet.

Kevin’s favourite dish is native worms, which (fun fact) have so much water in them that kiwis don’t even need to drink at all. He also enjoys seeds, berries and some leaves.

In the love department, Kevin is a long way from finding a mate. Kiwi in the wild don’t usually start thinking about babies until they’re 3 or 4 years old, and we’re not going to start asking for grand-chicks before he’s ready.  

Kev isn’t demonstrating any signs of the infamous Kiwi adventurer spirit – sticking pretty close to his release site. We’ll give it time though, he’s still a sprog after all. In general though, Kev can keep pretty chill knowing he doesn’t need to stress about being eaten, as Rotokare Scenic Reserve is a predator-free space thanks to Taranaki Kohanga Kiwi at Rotokare (a partnership between Taranaki Kiwi Trust and Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust).

Kevin is due for another check-up in May, and we’re keen to take someone along with us! Tell us who you’d bring with you and why, and we’ll pick a couple of lucky Kiwis to meet Kev (naturally, Ts and Cs apply).