Are you brave enough to bid?

We love to see our members get creative with their auctions and one Auckland member did just that when they listed their Mac Pro onsite this week. 

The 'haunted' computer is said to have died at least 50 times before miraculously coming back to life. 

"The whole set up is working right now but sometimes the computer makes a rattling sound like a bag of bones being dragged through its insides. If you give it a whack it'll shut up," the listing says.

To make things even creepier, the seller said the devil doll and skeletons in the picture just appeared after the computer summonded them. 

"Today when we turned it on for the first time in ages it smelled like a rotting corpse for a while, but we think that was just the dust burning off????? Hard to say."

The seller said she tried to reset the device but it screamed so loudly her windows shattered.


Our members got into the Q&A and the seller was loving it. 

Haunted Computer Q&A

Haunted Computer Q&A 1.JPG

The 'haunted' computer sold for $113 after 18,800 views and 250 watchlists. 


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