Sometimes a Trade Me auction can leave you a little lost for words. That was certainly the case when a Lower Hutt man decided to sell a pile of cigarette ash that he'd collected over the last six months.

Because we're lost for words we thought we'd let the seller do the talking:

"Here is something different that someone might like and I have no idea what you can use it for?? It took me about 6 months of smoking to collect this lot. 

"I started by filling up the shot glass and just carried on from there."

Sums it up really...

This type of crazy auction usually strikes a chord with our members and this one was no different. It got nearly 21,000 views, 75 questions and 252 watchlists. 

Unfortunately the bidding didn't go quite as mad - it's a pretty narrow range of people who want a pile of cigarette ash. But it did make $23.

The lack of bids could also be a reflection on the sellers Q&A technique. Trade Me members love a bit of banter but this seller's tactic was to answer every question with a fullstop. Not a lot of help, though one member was happy:

"Not keen on your auction,but i'll take a free full stop." He got his wish.