Aunty Helen found at the dump

Last week someone decided they no longer wanted their 2.4m high portrait of our former Prime Minister and sent it to the dump.

The good folk at at Wellington's waste management station decided it was too good to never see the light of day again and put it onsite for a $1 reserve.

They even managed to make Aunty Helen herself aware of the auction via the magic of Twitter, though it appears our former PM thought there maybe wasn't a lot going on in NZ that day.

Helen Tweet

But it turns out there's a decent market for massive paintings of former PMs - the auction got nearly 50,000 views, 60+ questions and sold for $1840. 

All proceeds went to Women's Refuge, as per Helen's request, and the buyer was a member called Joe who came to New Zealand after he was inspired by her after seeing an article featuring Ms Clark in a news bulletin. 

A great yarn and a very cool result for her chosen charity.

It made a fair bit of media too. Check it out below: