Awww shucks!

Once in a while we’re lucky enough to have some cool school groups come through to see Trade Me HQ. The kids come along to find out about working in the tech industry and to ride the slide.

Recently, we had the kids from Rangikura School come through and after their visit we were chuffed to recieve some awesome thank you notes. Some of our favourite quotes are below:

  • “I was inspired by the TradeMe trip because they showed how they themselves got to make it into TradeMe through their hard work and perseverance and also the big slide, it was pretty awesome.”
  • “When I leave school I will seek further Education to get a good job and hopefully become an entrepreneur just like Sam Morgan who only wanted to buy a heater off the internet.”
  • "My favorite part of the day was the slide because I went down really fast but the good thing was that I knew how to slow down."
  • "To all the Trade Me workers thank you for giving up your time for us , you guys have inspired me to follow my dreams"

Cool eh?!

To read more take a look at the awesome notes here.