We think it's great to see Countdown and other supermarkets around the country doing their bit to cut down on plastic by removing single-use plastic bags from its stores.

However, it seems some Kiwis aren't quite ready to embrace the change just yet. One auction for 200 single-use plastic bags appeared onsite this week as The Bag-Ageddon - Emergency Survival Kit. 

Bags 1

The listing includes 200x Single-use Supermarket Bags, 1x “Bag for Good” (starter kit) and 1x “Use Me Again Bag” (starter kit).

In less than 24 hours the auction has already fetched over 7,300 views and the bidding is up to $40.

Reminiscent of some other tongue-in-cheek Kiwi culture listings that have emerged over the years such as the Lions try, the NZ school curriculum, the last Tangy Fruits and of course the ones with cool titles such as the Fandemonium and Marmageddon.

Love it or hate it, you have to admit this seller has provoked more debate and interest around the move away from single use plastic bags and we salute his creativity.

It turns out that the mastermind behind the Bag-Ageddon listing, Thomas Coffey, is an aspiring ad creative who is looking for work in Copy/Videoography/Illustration. We reckon his quick-fire use of topicality and our platform is a bit of creative genius. If you want to get in touch with Thomas you can hit him up via gmail at