Be counted in Maori Language Week

Nick P, from our mobile team, has spent a bit of his own time thinking up a nifty idea to help increase support for Te Reo Maori in software around New Zealand.

He outlines his thoughts in his blog but basically Nick's using Te Wiki o te reo Maori to encourage New Zealanders to switch the preferred language on their devices to Maori. 

The aim would be to show businesses that there's a large enough group of users who prefer Maori to make it a priority during their development. 

Non-fluent Maori speakers can still do this too because a lot of the apps don't support Maori language at this point (which is why Nick's trying to break the cycle). 

So if you're keen, take a look at the instructions Nick has set out.

For our part, Trade Me will listen to what our members tell us - if you want Maori as a preferred language then change your preferred language now, and we'll take a look in the coming months.