Beware of killer clowns this Halloween

Sexy is out and scary is in so you can expect a few creepy clowns to be roaming around the streets this Halloween.

Since the beginning of October we have seen over 49,000 searches for costumes as the country prepares for the scariest night of the year.

We’ve seen ‘scary clown’ searched nearly 3,000 times this month and so it might be a good idea to keep the faint hearted indoors this Tuesday. The recent hit movie IT is responsible for this surge in searches and it seems many Kiwis will be dressing up as the blood-thirsty killer clown known as Pennywise.


Along with Pennywise, we also expect to see a lot of Harley Quinn characters from Suicide Squad this All Hallows Eve with over 2,600 searches for the supervillain.


Luckily it won’t be all scary on 31 October, Moana and Alice in Wonderland should be knocking on your door too, coming in third and fourth for most popular costume.


Happy Halloween!  


NZ Herald - Surge in searches for killer clown costumes on Trade Me