Big interest in little garden

'Pester power' is the name given to those collectibles your kids (or big kids) beg you to get them from the supermarket.

We've seen hundreds of these items come onsite from the Little Kitchen phenomenon to Pixar Dominos and Star Wars Cosmic Shells. 

Trade Me members get into the swing of these collectibles and come onsite to offload their doubles and complete their sets.

We even see some members sell entire sets with the record going to a full set of Little Kitchen which sold for $715 in 2015.

The latest craze is Little Garden - a New World collectible set of little plants and gardening equipment. One Trade Me member wasn't so into the craze and decided to sell an entire set.

While they weren't into it they found a willing audience with 124 bids on their set and nearly 4000 views. The set ended up selling for $210.

So far we've seen about 8000 searches for Little Garden since it was launched this month - a far cry from the 50,000+ that Little Kitchen has had this year but it's early days and we reckon it'll prove just as popular.

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