Boombox heaven

Boombox, ghetto blaster or good old 80s stereo - whatever you want to call them they were an icon of the 80s. All over the world people rocked out to cassettes of their favourite artists with these wonders in technology (for their day of course).

The beauty of the boombox was it's portability - you could carry them with you.

One Trade Me member took the love of the boombox a bit further. He collected more than 300 of them from all over the show and stored them in his garage. He even learnt how to fix them himself.

Unfortunately Craig has to part ways with his collection so he listed them on Trade Me

Some incredible collections have been listed over the years, everything from match packets and teaspoons to Twilight and Star Wars hauls, but this is one of the most extensive and best kept collections we've ever seen.

It's fair to say his auction has got Kiwis to sit up and pay attention too - after just a couple of days it's had well over 30,000 views and well over 1000 watchers. 

At $20,000 it's not a cheap collection but the buyer will get an incredible, mostly working collection that Craig has worked on for 15 years. We hope he gets a great result and the boomboxes find a good home. 

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