Brain for sale

This listing had us scratching our heads. 

Last week, one of our members listed their brain on Trade Me after being diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

To be clear it's not an actual brain up for sale, but sole rights to the ideas within for a cool $1.36 million.

The listing says, “I am selling the ideas, projects and intellectual property of my very healthy and exceptionally bright 57 year old brain. This will give you ownership and sole rights to more than 25 separate and extremely profitable investments as well as a 7 year management and supervisory commitment from me. 

"The list includes feature length films, international motor sport events, interactive design and manufacturing ideas, computer and mobile phone innovations, reality TV shows, lifesaving warning systems and a never ending children’s book series.

So far the listing has had just over 2,600 views and a bit of media attention too.


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