Brendon McCullum love

It's fair to say we've got a few cricket enthusiasts here at Trade Me but the good folk at DOTlovesdata are up there with their love for our summer game.

Their favourite player of recent times is former captain Brendon (Baz) McCullum. They love Baz so much that they made a record of his record in his honour.

Brendon has the world record for the most 6s hit in test matches, 107. So the team at DOT imprinted every 6 Brendon hit on a vinyl record. The record shows which team the 6 was hit against, where in the field, what part of his career and against what kind of bowler.

They sold one for charity and listed another 106 onsite for cricket punters to get into. 

A very cool auction and we were stoked to help them get the word out. 

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