Buy a try

Kiwis love a bit of rugby and here at Trade Me we're no different. So we had a little chuckle when a cheeky Trade Me member listed a try onsite for the British and Irish Lions to buy.

It included a lot of banter in the Q&A and some gems such as:

  • TRY is in great Condition as it has not often seen the light of day...

  • A rare phenomenon as scarce as a good French referee.

  • No BUY NOW as it is widely known that the British and Irish Lions cannot BUY a try.

  • Not to be confused with the more common ALL BLACKS TRY.

It may have backfired on this seller though - the Lions have figured out how to score tries and have levelled up the series! 

The listing racked up over 28,000 views, nearly 100 watchers and sold for $42 with all money going to the Kids in the Middle charity

So if anyone wants to list a Lions loss on Trade Me for them to buy we'd be up for that...