Clown craziness

If something is making a splash in the media you can pretty much guarantee we'll see some interesting stats appear onsite.

Whether it's the latest iPhone, rugby jerseys during the world cup or celebrity sheets we see Trade Me members running searches and making purchases off the latest craze or phenomenon.

The 'creepy clown' craze is no different - we've seen an increase in searches and sales for both 'clown masks' and 'clown costumes' while clown news stories have grabbed countless headlines.

We have a feeling we know what the ‘It’ Halloween costume will be this year.

Ordinarily sales for ‘clown costume’ or ‘clown mask’ are very low, there have been approximately 3 a week over the last few months but in the last couple of weeks this has jumped up to around 15. We expect these sales to dip back again when the ‘clown craze’ subsides.

As far as searches go we’ve seen the terms ‘clown costume’ and ‘clown mask’ jump 750% in the last week. There have been nearly 5000 searches in that time.

But never fear these searches aren't a patch on Justin Bieber – fans are very keen on seeing the Biebs’ live – we’ve seen over 20,000 Bieber searches in the last week.