Coffee glorious coffee

Here at Trade Me we're pretty serious about our coffee. First thing in the morning is prime time for hearing the coffee grinder in action and the milk wand screaming.

We’ve got cool coffee machines in all of our offices and you’ll also find things like slides, a democratic music player, pool tables, a beer tap for Fridays, video game cabinets and bean bags for comfy collaboration – all ideas or traditions that have merged from staff ideas and input over the years

The coffee machines are our modern day water cooler (we have a tap for water here), they’re a magnet for people where you can catch up with folks across the business and get your pick me up sussed.

A number of the team are very handy part-time baristas (including ex-baristas from the likes of Geraldine, Upper Hutt, Starbucks and the Wharewaka) and they get a lot of kudos for their skills behind the machine

If you’re into your coffee it’s in your best interests to make friends with these people!

We’ve been known to hold competitions to crown the best brew in the company, and we recently had a coffee challenge with a few companies from around Wellington

But it’s important to remember, Trade Me is definitely a fun place to work, but it's also a place where people work really hard as well! We have an "informal but serious" work ethic. We don’t wear suits to work every day (in amongst the flat whites and short blacks you might see jandals, bare feet, t-shirts & hoodies) but we get heads-down tails-up to get stuff done. We think working hard to keep staff happy and engaged is part of making this happen.

Fairfax recently had a chat to us about how god coffee can help productivity.