Countdown tile-mania

Countdown's Disney Word Tiles are in hot demand on Trade Me and thousands of Kiwis have been jumping onsite to try and complete the set.

Collectable items like these are always fun to trade and collect your way to a full set, so it's no surprise they've found their way onto Trade Me.

In the last seven days we've seen 23,000 searches for the little tiles and searches are up 750 per cent in just three weeks!

Countdown Tiles

Pester power is alive and well and it looks like many parents are willing to take the shortcut to fill their kid's Disney Word set on Trade Me. It's also a great way to get rid of any double ups.

The number of listings for these collectables has shot up and there's currently 1,100 listings onsite for the collectables from individual tiles to the whole collection.

Our search data tells us that Elsa and Dash are the current favourites. If you managed to pick up any tiles in your last grocery shop it's a good idea to list them onsite and make some money. 

Countdown Tiles - Frozen 

We often see listings and searches surge each time one of the supermarkets release a new collectables range.

Based on the number of searches onsite, Countdown's Disney Word Tiles are even more popular than New World's Little Garden collectables were in 2017.