Famous MINI for sale

We can't wait to see the all new Pork Pie movie next year, a reimagining of Kiwi classic Goodbye Pork Pie. 

Making movies is an expensive business so the producers of Pork Pie turned to Trade me to help raise some more cash to put the finishing touches on the film.

To top it off this wasn't just an ordinary MINI auction the producers also threw in tickets to the red carpet premiere and a thank you shout out to the buyer in the film's end credits. Not to mention the fact that 5% of the sale was going to the Salvation Army and SAFE too.

The MINI was in good nick with just 7500 kms on the clock and it assured us it hadn't done anything dangerous on set "I featured in a number of key scenes in the film but my 3 brother MINIs were my stunt doubles, completing all of the more vigorous stunt action. Therefore my role on set wasn’t very physically exerting."

Also while the MINI was sad to leave the glitz and glamour behind it was keen to help finish the film "I’m sad to leave showbiz so soon but happy to do so for the greater good of the film (I guess), if I go to a loving home. Please help make this happen. I don’t want to end up in a museum yet. I’m in my prime."

Our awesome members got behind the auction and it sold for over $42,000 last night.

A great result to help finish a cool Kiwi film.

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