Fan-tastic weather

Our amazing summer has caused some agitation this year with searches and sales of fans on Trade Me going crazy. Aucklanders were particularly feeling the heat with some pretty fierce humidity being reported in the City of Sails.

In January we saw a crazy 31 per cent jump in the number of sales fans sold on site compared to January 2015.

Searches were the same, we saw enormous spikes in the number of members hunting for fans across January as our members sought some kind of relief from the punishing heat.

As is so often the case, one of our enterprising members decided to take a bit of a tongue-in-cheek approach to the problem and offer up his old fan for $400. He said in Nelson there are plenty of nice rivers, beaches and open spaces to enjoy and cool down – unlike a traffic-filled city – so he thought he’d help out.

Funnily enough it didn’t sell – but a great try all the same.

The good folk at the Register took a look at the issue too – check out their piece on the ‘Fan freak out’.