Father's Day gift guide

By now, everyone in New Zealand knows that ‘Father’s Day is on Sunday’... 

If you want to get the ‘Dad’ in your life a gift, we’ve got some ideas that are a bit more exciting  than socks and a #1 Dad’ mug. 

For the Dad who loves some peace and quiet

A pair of noise cancelling headphones will do the trick. If you didn’t hear it, it didn’t happen right?


For the Dad who loves to cook

Look past cookbooks and opt for a sous vide cooker (which cooks food at a super even temperature in a water bath). From eggs to salmon to steak, every meal will be next-level delicious. 

Father's Day

For the Dad who loves his beard

Say goodbye to the BIC razor and supermarket soap and give that beard the attention it deserves with a beard kit

Father's day 4 

For the Dad who loves the slopes

He’s got the board on the roof rack already, so you may as well kit him out with the latest ski gear.

Father's day 3 

This helmet has a go-pro mount to film all his epic runs and wipe outs. They’re a great pair with these goggles which have the ability for the lenses to pop out and change depending on the weather conditions and how cool you want to look. 

For the Dad that loves a hoon

An electric scooter lets him be a kid again…

father's day 1

Looking for some Dad's Day deals? 
We've pulled together some awesome deals to help you choose the right gift for your dad.