Feeling nosy?

Property information is vital when you're looking to buy or sell your house. Until recently you've really had to hunt around for it - and get your credit card out.

We reckon property information including previous sale prices, rateable values, and other useful data like floor area should all be in one place and it should be free. That's why we created Property Insights, launched last week.

Property Insights allows you to search over 1.5 million New Zealand properties for this information. It also includes the Trade Me Property Estimate – a nifty computer algorithm we've created to give our estimate of what the property might sell for. 

This estimate takes into account a range of info, including sales of similar properties and RV data. It's a handy starting point for buyers and sellers to get an idea of what could happen. 

As our very own Alistair Helm told Stuff: "These estimates are useful because unless you live and breathe property you've really got no idea of what your house might sell for, or how much you might be looking to pay for the house you're researching.

"Buyers can waste a lot of money on information like building reports and Land Information Memorandums (LIM), only to realise down the line that the property was out of their league. For sellers this provides a realistic starting point when talking to agents and when considering putting their house on the market."

What if I'm not looking to buy or sell?

While this data is useful for those looking to buy or sell (or just doing their research) we know it's a handy tool for nosy neighbours too! So if you're dying to know what the house over the fence is worth, the house you grew up in, your dream home, or what your mate's place could go for, jump in and have a look around.

The folks at Stuff have also been doing some research using Property Insights, and took a look at what some high profile Kiwis' might be worth.

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