Sometimes Trade Me is a place where our members need to rid themselves of a curse on their life, and make a quick buck while they're at it.

That's certainly the case with Bob from Kapiti whose fence had driven him to distraction. Apparently it was so unusual, drivers around Bob's neighbourhood would slow down to check it out.

Sometimes when you're between a rock and a hard place you just need to roll the dice and get selling.

Bob describes it best himself:

"Designed by what could be believed as a child's sketch of raw spaghetti and meat balls. 

Only 5 years old, although the rocks are about 300-400million years, a warrantierers dream. 

Built from quality galvanised plumbing pipe probably from bunnings and topped off with some glass power insulators - This gluten free fence really is a casserole of special and galactic ideas."

We believe there's a buyer for almost any auction and so far that's the case for Bob with his reserve met and bids past $200! It's testament to a bit of media coverage, a winning description and putting the hard yards into the Q&A.