Fidget like a boss

The saying goes that 'idle hands are the devil's tools' and some enterprising people have set out to give those idle hands a little more to do than click a pen, tap your foot or bite your nails. 

The fidget revolution has hit Kiwis, we've seen thousands of sales and searches for the latest craze to sweep the nation (and the world).

The fidget craze takes the shape of two little gadgets - the Fidget Cube and the Fidget Spinner.

Fidget spinners are very popular in the school yard apparently because you can use them to do all sorts of tricks while the Fidget Cube is good for the office worker who can't sit still.

Stress and koosh balls are so last century if you need to take your mind off life for something or find something for those fidgety hands this is how it's done in 2017.

Fidget Spinner 3

The numbers:

  • Fidget cubes: There have been well over 20,000 searches since January. Between January and February searches jumped 170% and between February and March they jumped 160%
  • Fidget spinners: Well in excess of 30,000 searches since January. Between February and March searches have jumped over 900%
  • Sales: combined there have been thousands of sales and we think there are lot more to come as this craze continues. Sales jumped 450% between February and March
  • So far this month 'Fidget Spinners' are the fastest rising search term on Trade Me - we've seen searches rocket up and they're not slowing down