Five things to keep you entertained over the holidays

The winter holidays are tricky – trying to keep the kids entertained and out of mischief can be challenging at the best of times, let alone in the rain and cold. We’ve got some ideas to keep the kids (and you) from getting cabin-fever. 

  1. Learn to code, Harry Potter style

Pick up this Harry Potter Wand, swish and flick, and your phone will do tricks. This kit gets users to build, code, and test – magic! 

2. Build a sweet planter

Anything can be a planter. Think a tonka toy truck, or a collection of tea cups. Plant some native seeds from Seedbox, and spend the holidays tending to it while it grows. 

3. Get into the kitchen

Making Playdough treats is all fun and games, but the fact still stands: it’s not edible. Sushi kits or this cookie monster cookie cutter set are a great way to cook with the kids and get them to make a tasty creation of their own. 

4. It’s on the cards

A necessity for any road trip or rainy day – a pack of cards is timeless. For adults and kids alike, learn a couple of Te Reo phrases with this pack of cards. Kia waimarie! (Good luck!)

5. That’s a (beeswax) wrap!

Single use plastic bags are out, sustainable storage is in. Making beeswax wraps are super easy. Using a mix of beeswax and some almond oil, brush it on fabric and your lunchboxes with be filled the most stylish sandwiches next term. If you run out of time, you can just pick up a set of readymade wraps.