Bob Marley and Tom Jones had a goat

Making the every day amazing is a strength of many of our members but it takes a certain something to make a billy goat called Fizz extraordinary.

That's exactly what Trade Me member Leo did recently though. Leo realised he wasn't going to be able to spend enough time with Fizz a.k.a Fizzah or Fizzy Fizzy Bang Bang so he thought he'd see if the good people of Trade Me might be able to devote a bit more time to his friend.

Fizz has many amazing attributes that Leo was keen to point out including his sweet goatee, dreads and the fact he's a fossil-free lawnmower. Fizz is a dab hand at removing blackberry, convolvulus, gorse and so much more all without any petrol required!


Most eye catching however was Leo's description of Fizz's extra curricular activities. Fizz has never been neutered so he's "Kind of like a cross between Bob Marley and Tom Jones. He's chill sometimes just jamming in the paddock chewing the herb, but when it's time to get down, he's a next level SEX BOMB!"

Needless to say Fizz is attracting plenty of attention from Trade Me members and even getting a bit of media: