Funky fruit and veg

Over the years we've seen some pretty weird and wonderful things sold on Trade Me including some strangely misshapen fruit and veg.

From 'erotic eggplants' to 'dragon capsicums' entreprenuerial Trade Me members have listed all sorts of produce. What's even cooler is so many members have offered up their mutant garden items for charity.

It's certainly not a road to riches but Trade Me members have been willing to pay over the odds for some weird fruit and veg in the name of a good cause.

We had a chat to Stuff about some unsual fruit and veg auctions of the past and we thought we'd bring you a few more of our favourites from over the years below. If you think we've forgotten anything let us know.

Erotic Eggplant (pictured above)

The most recent and most famous Trade Me vegetable was listed in May 2016 and reached 52,000 views. This interestingly shaped aubergine made headlines around the world and raised $115 for Prostate Cancer.

Dragon capsicum

Dragon Capsicum Rsz

This odd pepper was listed in November 2013 by a Matamata orcharder who wanted to help one of their Phillipino workers raise money to help their family who had been affected by cyclones back home. After 21,000 views a keen Trade Me Member paid $100.

Carrot love

Carrot Love Rsz 1Carrot Love Rsz 2

These carrots had grown up together and were very close. There was no way the Hamilton seller was going to separate them. After more than 13,000 views the carrots found a new home and the seller raised $101 for guide dog puppies.

Two toned braeburn

Two Tone Apple Rsz

Ever get bored with monotone apples? Once in a while you can avoid a standard green or red apple and get hold of something different. This Motueka seller gave Trade Me members that opportunity and made $37 along the way.

Kiwi shaped fruit

Kiwi Shaped Feijoa RszKiwi Shaped Kiwifruit Rsz

Even New Zealand fruit wants to emulate our national bird. The kiwi shaped feijoa and kiwifruit were two of many kiwi shaped items we've seen over the years.

The feijoa hailed from Dargaville and sold for $25 while the Kiwifruit which was found by Nelson school children fundraising at a local orchard went for a whopping $185.

Buxom orange

Siamese Orange

This orange caught the eye of Paul Henry who made comparisons with the one and only Beyonce. The Tauranga seller used 'Beyonce' to help fund a holiday and made $112.

Doris the Pirate Kumara 

Pirate Kumara 3

Doris grew up in Dargaville but was living in Wellington when she went on Trade Me in October 2011. She was keen to run away to sea but she needed a new owner to set her free from her 'kidnappers'.

It’s a long story but the seller was raising money for the Postie Bike Challenge and made $53.