Get yourself warm for winter

Heaters have been a part of the Trade Me folklore for a long time – Sam Morgan was unsuccessfully trying to buy a heater when he decided to create Trade Me. 

After the horrendous weather we’ve seen across the country over the last week searches for Firewood, Heaters and specifically gas heaters have sky rocketed on Trade Me.

All three of these terms were the biggest movers in our search term list over the last week and interestingly coming in fourth was 'snow chains' after all the snow the South Island has seen.

We saw 10,000 more searches for firewood over the last week than normal while heater searches went up 27% and gas heaters were up 50%. 

This year has been interesting – generally we see our organised members get their heating needs sussed in March – we see a lot of searches and sales for firewood in this time while people get prepared for winter. 

Clearly the long hot summer we had lulled a few Kiwis into a false sense of security and now they’re hurriedly getting their houses in order!

Our sales data shows that Kiwis were a little slower off the mark with less firewood and heaters selling in January - April 2016 than the same period last year. We expect to catch up now as people realise that Winter isn't just coming, it's here. 

We also had a chat to Stuff about all things heating.