Gnome way! Thirty magical concrete creations appear onsite

Thirty humble little garden gnomes magically appeared onsite this week and they need a new home. 

Renowned New Zealand artists such as Dick Frizzell and Eric Nuata were each given a gnome to create their own work of art, and now LUMA Queenstown are auctioning them off to support emerging artists.  

The brief for the artists was broad – they could decorate, pull apart or incorporate the gnomes into a larger piece of art, and were generally encouraged to go gnome crazy! Resene Paints jumped on board as a sponsor with primer, paints and a clear glaze to ensure the gnomes survive chilly winter nights in the garden, and the project is also supported by the Queenstown Lakes District Creative Communities Scheme.

From, 'The lights are on but gnomebody's home' to 'Gone Gnome' and 'Pou'gnome'u' these adorable little creations are up for grabs.  

Lights Are On But Gnome Body 's Home

'The lights are on but gnomebody is home' by Conor McNicholas.


All thirty gnomes are on display at Gnome Alley throughout the LUMA Light Festival in Queenstown from 31 May - 3 June. If you believe in fairy tales, these cunning garden creatures are known to move about and freeze when humans are around.

Pou 'gnome 'mu

'Pou'gnome'u' by Eric Nuata

Update: All of the gnomes have now found new homes across the country.


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