Halloween on Trade Me

Halloween didn’t really exist in New Zealand 10 years ago, but over the years that has changed in a big way. Kiwis have jumped at the opportunity to have a bit of a party, dress up and score some free lollies. Even Kev, our kiwi, gets into it dressing up as a witch at the end of October.

Costumes are always really popular on Trade Me and we see a huge spike in interest at Halloween. Only the Sevens and Auckland Nines create a similar jump but they’re no match for All Hallows Eve. In the last two years costume sales in September and October have jumped up by 20%.

This year Kiwis didn't really embrace the scary side of Halloween. Superheroes like Batman, Ironman and Spiderman were the highest trending costumes along with kings, princesses and fairies.

Disney’s Frozen continues to reign supreme for kids' costumes.

Meanwhile a number of Kiwis were also trying to look good in their Halloween costume. 'Sexy’ was a trending keyword in a huge number of searches which returned results including Police, Snow White and even skeletons. 

Thankfully our members aren’t forgetting their fur babies either - searches and sales for animal costumes spiked too with Superman, Spiderman and dinosaur costumes proving very popular.

For those of you looking for something a little different, check out some of the stranger costumes you might be able to get your hands on below including a wartimeeEvacuee, super reindeer, a baby Abominable Snowman and the ‘Wanted’ Cowboy.

Wanted CowboyWartime EvacueeSuper ReindeerBaby Yeti