Happy 10th Birthday to Trade Me Jobs

On this day in 2006 the team responsible for bringing the Trade Me Jobs website to life excitedly flipped the 'on' switch at Trade Me HQ in Wellington. A couple of cheers, woo-hoos and congratulatory high-fives later, Trade Me Jobs blinked to life with the aim of helping Kiwis land their next role, whether it was an after-school stint, work experience while studying, landing an executive position, or finding their dream job. 

On that day, Trade Me Jobs joined other businesses already in the stable like Trade Me Property (2005), Trade Me Motors (2003), OldFriends (2002 - 2015), and FindSomeone (2001). 

Over that time, we've seen over 1.5 million jobs advertised, and over 20 million applications completed for those jobs. That's a lot of job hunting!

The cities with the most job listings were a pretty predictable bunch, with Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch first, second and third respectively. 

The job categories that have had the most listings so far include IT, Trades & services, Hospitality & tourism, Healthcare, and Sales

If you've listed or found a job using Trade Me Jobs, thanks for being a part of our history, good luck landing your next role and here's a cheers to the next ten years.

Happy hunting!

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