Helen Clark's Beehive sketch is back

One of Trade Me’s most memorable auctions was back in 2007 when Helen Clark’s sketch of the Beehive went up for auction. The listing received a huge amount of attention from the media and the general public, fetching a whopping 33,000 views before the auction winner sadly reneged on the $4,000 purchase.

This week, 10 years on, Helen’s doodle was back on Trade Me with a cool $11,000 price tag. It was no surprise that many Kiwis and even the media were intrigued by the new listing. The auction made headlines on The AM Show, Newstalk ZB and the NZ Herald before the auction closed on Thursday night without a buyer.

Even though the auction has now closed, you can still view it here.


Helen Clark’s infamous sketch for sale - NZ Herald