Hino finds a home

Sometimes it takes a little longer than usual to find the right buyer. Every once in a while the stars need to align for an unusual or beaten up item to find the right buyer.

That was the case for Graham and his 1982 Hino Rainbow.

The grand old house bus is a little rough round the edges and wasn't finding a new owner easily. It racked up 44,000 views and was one of our most viewed Motors of 2016 so we were pleased Graham found a new home for his Hino.

We've got a a few tips and tricks to shifting your hard to sell item and getting the best price:

  • Make your listing sing with some awesome pics
  • Do a great job of describing your item
  • Engage with other members in the Q&A
  • Don't leave members in the dark on your description or images 
  • Be honest 

The Bay of Plenty Times celebrated Graham's sale recently.