Iconic Big Fresh characters go up for auction

The iconic animatronic Big Fresh food characters that once entertained and terrified Kiwi kids have gone up for auction

Chances are if you ever shopped at the Big Fresh supermarket chain back in the 90s, you'll remember these giant characters hanging from the rafters. Sadly the chain was shut down in 2003 and the famous characters have been in hiding, until now. 

All eleven characters are up for grabs including a banana, butter, luncheon sausage, carrot and plum jam. 

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Unfortunately the team has seen better days. The items have been knocked around a bit and sadly they don't move anymore but the seller reckons they could easily be returned to their former glory. 

Big Fresh 2

Nostalgic Kiwis flooded to site to check out the collection and the listing had 45,000 views and 1,300 watchlists. 

In the end the collection of characters sold for $4520 to the owners of Kaipara Kumara.

Rumour has it the characters will be up on the roof of the Kaipara Kumara factory early next year so anyone driving past can see them. 


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