Invisible kids, slimy aliens and twerking llamas: The top 10 toys this Christmas

There's just six Fridays until Christmas and parents around the country will be starting to think about which toys will make the 'it' list this year. 

We've had a look at national and international trends along with top searches onsite to work out which top toys will be making Kiwi kids smile this Christmas. 

Check out our media release below for our ten top picks. 

Invisible kids, slimy aliens and twerking llamas: The top ten toys for Kiwis kids this Christmas

Kiwi kids are going to be dissecting aliens, making themselves invisible and watching robotic llamas twerk this Christmas, according to Trade Me’s top toy picks this year. 

Trade Me’s Millie Silvester said popular Trade Me searches were combined with national and international trends to predict what toys will be topping the Christmas wish list for New Zealand kids this December. 

Miss Silvester said toy trends come in cycles and what’s hot at the moment is unboxing. “The element of surprise has been a big drawcard for toymakers this year and four of our top ten toys have to be bathed, grown or dissected to be revealed.

“Blume collectible dolls are the newest toy on the block and they grow out of a flower pot. All you need is a couple of drops of water and one of 22 dolls will magically ‘bloom’ before your eyes. Then there’s Scruff-a-Luvs, the neglected and abandoned animals that need rescuing. These little critters arrive as a sad, matted ball of fur but with bathing, brushing and loving, kids reveal the pet they really are.” 

Blume Dolls

Miss Silvester said L.O.L Surprise! dolls had made the list for the third year running and kids will be spending hours unwrapping these dolls and all of their accessories. “They’ve had a reboot with a larger surprise capsule and even bigger dolls with L.O.L Surprise! Ooh La La Baby Surprise. As the name suggests, you don’t know what doll you’ve got until you find the secret clues and unwrap each accessory.

L.O.L Surprise Doll - Ooh La La Baby Surprise

“We can also expect kids to be dissecting slimy aliens and saving the galaxy with the hot new Treasure X Alien toys. The extraterrestrial mission is an unboxing experience like no other. Kids have to surgically extract one of 18 treasure hunters waiting to be rescued from inside a slimy creature’s belly. 

“Parents may be wondering where their children have gone this Christmas thanks to the new Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak. The high tech coat works like a greenscreen and uses an app to show the wearer disappearing in photos and videos.”  

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

Miss Silvester said a twerking llama from ZURU Pets Alive is set to become a Christmas bestseller this year. “Boppi the booty shakin’ llama has already gone viral for its killer dance moves. The little critter blasts songs while showing off by twerking and swishing its head to the music.”

Boopi The Booty Shakin ' Llama

“Pictionary Air also made the list which puts a modern, and environmentally-friendly, twist on the classic family game. Using an air pen and an app, participants draw their creations in thin air which other players can see on their device. 

Miss Silvester’s advice was to get in quick to get the hot toys you want. “The top toys often sell out well before the big day so if you want to ensure your little one has exactly what they asked for, it’s worth preparing early.” 

Other unusual toys on the list included:

  • Soggy Doggy 

  • Toy Story 4 Pop! Vinyl characters 

  • LEGO City Diving Yacht 

Top kids’ Christmas toys – 2019

  1. Blume 

  2. Treasure X aliens

  3. L.O.L Surprise! Ooh Lala Baby

  4. Scruff-a-Luvs Friends

  5. Pictionary Air

  6. Boppi the booty shakin' Llama

  7. Harry Potter invisibility cloak

  8. LEGO City Diving Yacht 

  9. Soggy Doggy 

  10. Toy Story Pop! Vinyl


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