The weirdest gifts for Kiwis this Christmas

Santa will be getting his sleigh ready to deliver presents around the world this weekend but if you're still stuck for what to get Uncle Jim who loves a good laugh or Aunty Susan who you only see once a year, we've got a few ideas for you. 

Outdoor equipment, bikes and trampolines are always popular on Trade Me at this time of year but we have also seen a few odd gift ideas gain momentum recently.

Fish jandles or 'fishoes' are a reel catch for the fisherman in your life. 


 A toilet bowl light to help find the loo in the middle of the night.


Mop shoes are a quick and easy way to get the cleaning done around the house

Mop Shoes

Meat lovers will love these meat claws on Christmas day.


For more unusual gifts, check out our alternative Christmas gifts here. 


Stuff - A reel oddity for Christmas