It's Kevin's 1st birthday

A year ago Kiwis for kiwi invited us to be a part of a new kiwi’s journey. A few weeks later we hit the road on The Great Kiwi Roadtrip, and delivered Kevin the kiwi chick to his new home at Rotokare Scenic Reserve in Taranaki.

Kevin’s early days

Kev hatched on 24 September 2017, under the specialised care of the team at Kiwi Encounter at Rainbow Springs. About two weeks later and he was off across the North Island to his new home. We saw him on his way and since then have been receiving updates from his regular health checks.

Kevin has been able to thrive thanks to Kiwis for kiwi and the Taranaki Kohanga Kiwi at Rotokare. Kiwis for kiwi work with lots of community-led kiwi conservation groups around the country, with an aim to reverse the decline of kiwi and to start growing their numbers. They’re the kiwi experts so who better to look after Kevin.

Kevin Kiwi

The latest on Kev

One year on from his release, we’re pleased to report that Kevin is very healthy. The Rotokare team report that “Kevin is filling out! He looks to have found plenty of food over winter and is heading into spring and summer a healthy wee kiwi”.

He has grown steadily over the year and is nearly at the weight considered ‘stoat proof’ in the wild (1200gms). However, Kevin is safe from predators in Rotokare Scenic Reserve, so won’t need to test this out.  

Since his last health check in May, Kevin has been getting out and about as far as you can in a home with a predator-proof fence. The size of kiwi territories range anywhere from 2–100 hectares, depending on the species and their location. Rotokare Scenic Reserve is 230 hectares, so you can see that Kevin really is testing his boundaries and exploring his new home.

Kev Map (2)

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