Don't bid too fast, you'll get brain freeze

The team at Tip Top let Josh Thomson from The Project loose in their factory recently and he made his very own ice cream. 


Josh said, "The best day of my life – apart from the birth of my child - was gaining access to the TIP TOP FACTORY and creating a flavour I believe is the next Salted Caramel - I call it Banana, Feijoa and Bitters."

While this unique flavour may not be everyone's cup of tea, 20 pint-sized tubs of the stuff popped up on-site to raise money for farmers around the country who have been affected by the Mycoplasma Bovis disease.

The auction had 29,000 views and raised $820 for the cause. 

20 Tubs

There's still time to get your hands on some of this icy goodness though, the auction closes on Wednesday 4 July.

Check out the auction here. 

The Project - Josh's limited run of ice cream is here

The Project - Josh Thomson’s ice cream is for sale on Trade Me (20:55)