Just 74 miles on the clock

Amazing and unique cars seem to be the 'in' thing this year (check out the list below). The latest unbelievable vehicle to come our way was a 1958 Studebaker Champion.

The most amazing thing about this car was that it had a grand total of 74 miles (119 km) on the clock. The story goes that an excited groom to be imported the car from the States in 58 as a gift to his soon to be wife. 

Only the wedding didn't happen so he stored it in mint condition as a keepsake of what could have been. 

Since then it's had a couple of other owners and a stint in Queenstown's Motor Museum but still hasn't really been driven.

Naturally a car as unique as this pricked the ears of the collective Trade Me membership and it clocked up more than 2100 watchers and nearly 45,000 views. 

It also sold for a tidy $56,000.

Our friends in the media were naturally interested too including:

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