Kiwis get ready for a spooky Halloween

Since October 1 we've seen over 290,000 searches for costumes on Trade Me as Kiwis get prepared for Halloween.

Interest in this traditionally American celebration is growing every year as Kiwis enjoy more Halloween parties and gathering up lollies from their neighbours. 

The faint hearted will be pleased to know it won't be all scary this Halloween. This year's most popular costume theme is pretty radical, we've seen 4,200 searches for '80s costume' since the start of the month.

80s Costume 

As well as Boy Georgetracksuits and legwarmers Kiwis can expect to see Harley Quinn knocking at their door tomorrow too after almost 3,000 searches for the supervillian making it the second most searched for costume onsite.

Harley Quinn

Piratesskeletons and dinosaurs were also among the top five most popular costumes, each fetching around 2,500 searches since the start of the month. 

We've also seen 1,300 searches for 'nun costume' this month and we think the recently released horror film The Nun might be to blame for this surge in searches. It seems a few Kiwis will be dressing up as a haunted nun tomorrow. 

Nun Costume


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