Lego – the little bricks that could

Lego is unbelievably popular and sells like hot cakes on Trade Me. 

We see more than 1,000 Lego items sell a week and there were one million searches for Lego on Trade Me in the last year alone.

Lately, searches have been going nuts for Star Wars Lego with a Death Star set selling for $1,499 and an AT-AT going for $1,199!

The most expensive sets we’ve seen onsite was a Lego ‘Café corner’ priced at $4300 and an awesome Taj Mahal replica listed for $3,200.

If you’re a fan and not quite ready to spend that much cash there are around 6000 Lego listings up at any one time for every budget.

We recently had a yarn to Fairfax about all things Lego. And as we told them, Lego has done a magnificent job of reigniting its relevance and extending its plastic tentacles not only from offline into online, but collaborating with a vast array of brands to ensure it is embedded in a huge range of popular culture. It’s an extraordinary example of a brand that is loved across generations.