No Lions tickets to see here

Despite recent reports in the media, no stolen Lions tour tickets have been listed on Trade Me. Sometimes we get mistaken for other, less reputable (and less monitored) online marketplaces. 

It is a good time for us to point out that no Lions tour tickets can be sold on Trade Me whether legitimately owned or otherwise. The tour is governed by the Major Events Management Act (MEMA) which states that tickets to events included in that legislation must be sold at their face value. 

That's exceedingly hard for us to police, so we made the call to ban all MEMA event tickets from being sold onsite. 

We've pulled down approximately 60 tickets so far and we'll keep monitoring the site and nuking any sales. Most people listing these tickets just don't know about our rules and is normally an honest mistake.

So what do you do if you can't make that Lions game you've got tickets for? Find a mate who is keen, they're as rare as hens' teeth so that shouldn't be hard, and make sure you sell it for what you paid.